Shops & Establishments Registration

All those businesses which operate commercially even if it operates form home needs get registered under shops and establishment as per the applicable rule and regulation of the state concerned act. This act comes in to the existence in year 2016 for regulating premises wherein any trade,

This act provides rules and regulations related to working hours, rest intervals for employees, opening and closing hours, closed days, national and religious holidays, overtime work, rules for employment of children, annual leave, maternity leave, sickness, and casual leave, etc.

This act comes in the ambit of state legislation so the provision may differ from state to state. All operating shops and commercial establishments within each state are covered by the respective Shop Establishments Act. A premise where goods are sold either by retail or wholesale or where services are rendered to customers is termed as a shop under this act. Establishments is defined by the act, may also include such other establishments as defined by the Government by notification in the Official Gazette.

Factories are exempted from registration under this act as it is covered under the factories act, 1948.

Registration applicable on:

It shall apply to the shops and establishments employing ten or more workers. Shops and establishment falling under the area shall apply for the registration within six months from the date of commencement or from the date on which such shops or establishment comes into existence and obtain a labor identification number.

Benefits of registration

➲  Business will get registered under state legislation.

➲  Facilitate in the opening bank account

➲  Fulfilment of compliance

➲  It will provide a legal entity proof

Procedure and Documentation

Process of registration:

➲  Create online registration login id

➲  Prepare online application

➲  Upload all the required documents

➲  Pay the requisite fee

➲  Department will verify the detail and document

➲  Department will grant the certificate.

Documents required for Shops and Establishment registration:

➲  Photograph of establishment or shop

➲  Identity proof of owner/ director/ partner (PAN Aadhar)

➲  PAN of establishment

➲  Board resolution or partner consent (in case of the organisation is in the form of company or partnership)

➲  Details of employees.

The government fee for registration will be as per the State norms as it is governed by the state.